2014-11-10JAC Mini MPV M3 Rolled off the Production Line

Since 2014 Beijing Auto Show, JAC first mini MPV –M3 has got wide attention and aroused great hope from media and customers. Recently, JAC M3 officially rolled off the production line in Anhui Meng Cheng, and handed over one hundred units’ vehicles to the government of Meng Cheng at a time. M3 is a MPV both suitable for business and family using, and there are lots anticipated highlights of no matter of its sculpt, space, comfortable and safety.

Inheriting the concept of classic design, gorgeous and business sense

JAC M3 is a completed new product on the basis of MPV series and a good partner of small and middle enterprises. In terms of modeling, M3 has inherited the classic design of JAC MPV family. And its front face adopts classic three segment model design and the profile line has the same strain M5; meanwhile, integrated with current popular elements: blackened headlights and the wing shape chrome plated adornment make the body of vehicle more gorgeous and harmonious.

The unique signal door design ensures the convenience as well as the beauty of whole car body. The interior trim is concise and orderly: piano lacquer, chromium plating and silver spray lacquer and other decoration; meanwhile, the layout is the same with the most of MPV, and gear up raising and concentrated decoration of control button to ensure the excellent controls.

Spacious and free space

Since JAC MPV releasing on the market, its larger and flexible space has become one of powerful characteristic to impress and attract customers. And M3 as another masterwork of JAC, it also owns some obviously advantages. The oversize of M3 has reaches 4645*1740*1900mm and 2810mm extra-long wheelbase. The large size creates spacious interior room and middle, rear row knee space. Besides, the advantage of M3 space reflects on the flexible seats and space combination.

The middle independent seats own hidden slid track which can move front and rear independently; foldable and side-fixing rear seats can connect rear row and middle row into one part to achieve maximum space; easy-assembling methods for customer’s convenience and improving the efficiency of cargo transportation. 7 seats and 9 combination methods, 4340L extra-large cargo space to satisfy family travel, business reception and cargo transportation and other demands.

Intelligent technology, humanized driving experience

Based on JAC dozens of years MPV manufacturing experience and excellent gene of the second generation passenger car platform, the dynamic performance, economical efficiency and comfortable of S3 have surpassed the same-class MPV. M3 is equipped with 2.0L and 1.6VVT two model engines, excellent dynamic performance; Reliable 5 block vertical transmission, high transmission efficiency and easy operation; HPS ( Hydraulic Power Steering) brings easily steering and accurate operation; adopting a series of optimize measures such as whole vehicle lightweight design, continuously optimizing of drag coefficient, low rolling resistance tires and optimized power transmission. Ensure S3’sufficient power while improving the whole vehicle’s fuel consumption rate.

Besides, rich humanized equipments, independently controlling of front and rear air condition, front electric power window, ergonomic seat, remote key, three adjustable steering wheel, high quality in-car entertainment system, trip computer and other advanced equipments have completely changed the boring driving experience of MPV. Each passenger can enjoy a happy travel and sweet caress.

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