2014-11-10The Annual Production Capacity of 150,000 units, JAC An Chi New Production Base was Completed

On October 28th , 2014, JAC new An Chi Automobile Base was officially put into operation. Meanwhile, two new production –X200 (high-end mini truck) and M3 (mini MPV) rolled off the production line successfully, which presents the deep exploration of JAC in the area of commercial vehicle and passenger car.

The total investment of 1.36 billion RMB, occupied area of 56 hectares and covering four automobile manufacturing processes, JAC new An Chi automobile base was completed on schedule which is on behalf of the domestic first-class level. After putting into operation, this new production base will shape the scale of annual production capacity 150,000 units and annual output value of 12 billion RMB, which also represents the current automobile manufacturing process new standard with the advantages of high-effective, intelligent and environmental-friendly. The pressing workshop adopts the international advanced high speed hydraulic press line, the largest stamping press reaches 2000T and no-load reaches 7.5 s/stroke, surpassing the industry level; The welding workshop owns min truck and mini bus two production lines and 26 units’ automatic intelligent wielding robot; The painting workshop uses the world’s highest level water-based B1B2 exemption in coating technology, green, environmental-friendly and energy conservation; The assembly workshop adopts the car-based production process arrangement and intelligent logistics distribution to ensure the quality of vehicle assembly.

Common development – commercial vehicle & passenger car

JAC commercial vehicle has a very important position in the industry. The annual sales of light-duty truck is more than 200,000 units and has been maintained Top position of exportation for 14 consecutive years. And JAC high-end light duty truck has a wide range of market reputation and brand public praise. The launching of X200 greatly enriches the range of JAC light truck series.

In domestic mini truck market, ‘high energy consumption, high emission and high pollution’ and ‘low performance, low equipment and low price’ mini trucks are common in the market. However, X200 is a green and high-end mini cargo light truck which can greatly enhance the driving experience of urban high-end logistics and comply with the policy guidance of national energy conservation and emissions reduction. Through customer tests, sample vehicle exhibition and sales, X200 gets a good reflection from market.

X200 adopts the design of ultralow cab, rear small two ply tyre, ultralow cargo platform and integrated cargo tank with the advantages of good space utilization, high load-and-unload efficiency and energy-efficient. The chassis uses domestic initiative frame-type, rectangle-type bending beams structure and the bearing capacity increases 15% compared with the same kind of traditional frame type beams. Equipped with front wheel car-based ventilated disc brakes and rear wheel drum brakes, excellent braking performance and stability. Using stable mature powertrain matching, powerful and reliable.

JAC passenger car as an up-rising star has gradually established the completed products series of MPV, SUV and sedan and double brands operation model. Since 2002, JAC MPV has achieved 500,000 units’ market holdings and maintained the top 3 position in Chinese MPV market with the reputation of ‘the expert of MPV manufacturing’.

Currently, JAC MPV production line has developed different production series for all kinds of customers: M5 for business, M1 for family and M3 for both business and family.

M3 has a fashionable sculpt, simple and practical, extra- larger space and overall size which occupy the advantage position among the same class vehicles. Take a fully consideration of manned space, cargo space, use-cost, dynamic and comfort degree. Two model engines: 1.6VVT gasoline engine and 2.0L gasoline engine with mature and reliable 5MT gearbox. It has excellent fuel economy and stable operation and 1.6L diesel engine model has been planned.

X200 and M3 are two new production stars of JAC, which will further enhance the competitiveness of JAC and has positive and profound effects on achieving one million annual sales volumes.

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