2014-10-20We Are Ready! The First 100 units of Pick-up Exported to Venezuela Set Sail

On October 14th, the first 100 units of pick-up exported to Venezuela finished its production and package in the assembly plant of Yangzhou Jianghuai Automobile.,Ltd, after being transported to Yangzhou port, the vehicles started its sail. The first 100 units of pick-up KD parts have opened the curtain of the 1000 units of pick-up exported to Venezuelaintentionally signed between JAC and Venezuela distributors.

Venezuela is a JAC important strategic market with prosperous market outlook. It is predicted that the annual sales can reach 3000 units or even 5000 units. The exported pick-up KD parts this time are the remarkable spring board that JAC total sales in Venezuela will surpass 10,000 units in the near future.

The 100 units of pick-up KD parts exported to Venezuela is the largest order Yangzhou Jianghuai Automobile.,Ltd. sighed in its history , and it is also the first pick-up SKD exports.

Since JAC signed the pick-up parts order with the distributor, JAC supervisors attached great importance to the project. Under the cooperation of JAC International light-duty truck department and other departments, JAC has overcome all the difficulties such as purchase, production and packages to guarantee the smooth exports of the order.

The first batch export of pick-up KD parts is the comprehensive reflection of JAC systematic management ability and cross department cooperation; meanwhile, it has perfected the relevant pick-up exporting technology document and process, and laid the foundation for the large batch exports of pick-up SKD.

As the forward position of JAC in Latin America market, out of question, the first 100 pick-up exported to Venezuela has played an active demonstration for the whole Latin America market.

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