2014-10-16JAC J4 Motorcade Realizes China Rally Championship (CRC) Four Straight Championship

JAC J4 motorcade won the champion of S2 team again in the fourth station Rucheng, Hunan.From the first station Jinsha, Guizhou, the second station Huairou,Beijing, the third station Zhangye, Gansu to the fourth station Rucheng, Hunan, JAC J4 motorcade have performed well based on excellent racing car performance and drivers?? stable exercise, achieving four straight championship.

Cheering our heroes, the victor belongs to you!

There were four stages in Rucheng station. The length of SS1 stage and SS3 stage was respectively 29.14 kilometers and the length of SS2 stage and SS4 stage was respectively 14.88 kilometers, because the racing track was the mixture of asphalt pavement and cement concrete pavement, and the speed of all the racing cars were very fast, the drivers were under huge tests. Nevertheless, J4 motorcade was outstanding by standing the test.

After the race, She Chenglei expressed that the extreme speed of the racing cars was adjusted to about 150 km/hin consideration of the security, and during the competition, the racing cars often had to reach the highest speed, under the condition, J4 still kept firm performance and itsdirectional characteristicworked precisely.

Behind the champion motorcade is the champion quality! As the first sedan of JAC second generation passenger products, the quality of J4 is obvious. No matter it is 1.5 VVT China top ten engines, or the accurate matched transmission and the light weight body design, or even the precision adjustment and C-NCAP five star security standard, they were all of great help for JAC J4 motorcade championship.

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