2014-10-15New Base of JAC Navistar Diesel Engines Put into Production

On September 25th, Anhui Jianghuai Navistar Diesel Engine Co. Ltd. held the ceremony for completion of new production base as well as for the off line of the first MaxxForce engine. Completion of the new base means that JAC Navistar MaxxForce brand products series have entered the mass production phase, and also it has provided the strong guarantee for the introduction of JAC and MaxxForce brand following products to the market.

JAC Chairman Anjin, Navistar Chairman, Chairman of Anhui Jianghuai Navistar Diesel Engine Co. Ltd. and members of board of directors attended the ceremony. Anjin expressed that the off line of world advanced MaxxForce engines means that Navistar has the world top class engine manufacturing base, which is under the efforts of all the relevant parts and laid the solid foundation for further mutual cooperation in the future.

JAC Navistar has the annual production capacity of 200,00 units diesel, and the current mass products include the three series diesel engines of JAC 2.8L(4DA1), MaxxForce 3.2L and MaxxForce 4.8L,besides, JAC 2.7L and MaxxForce 7.2L diesel engines will be put into production in the near future. In the future, JAC Navistar will also consider bringing in the diesel engines covering 9.3L to 13L, becoming the diesel engine manufacturer with products covering 2.7L to 13L.

Sincere Cooperation Creates World First Class Power Base

2 years after JAC Navistar Company was established, JAC and Navistar tried their best to ensure that the new base was smoothly put into production, and meanwhile achieve complete integration of Chinese and foreign managers with different culture background.

Navistar Chairman said,“I am very glad to celebrate the important milestone moment with my partner JAC. The efforts we both made to bring the most advanced clean engine technologies to China has ensured the joint venture's strong, successful and sustainable development. We hope that we can contribute more to the application of clean energy and the continued improvement of engine efficiency when we pursue more development chances in China.

In order to create the international most advanced engine production base, both cooperation parties have devoted a lot of human resources and materials. Within two years, they have completed a lot of work including the plan and establishment of production line, products adaptation development, staff training, products tests to sales service and spare parts supply. Right now, JAC Navistar has formed the supply system with 160 spare parts enterprises, and the establishment of sales service systems has also been started, achieving the operation of production, sales and service.

Chairman of Anhui Jianghuai Navistar Diesel Engine Co. Ltd. expressed that during the past two years, we have developed joint venture team to make the products adapt to Chinese customers needs and establish the advanced manufacturing plant, which has laid the foundation for further cooperation of JAC and Navistar. The plant represents an important milestone and witnesses the achievement we have made by joint efforts.

The new engine production base has covered 136,000 square meters with the construction area of 93,000 square meters, including offices, research & development center and 200,000 units soft production lines, and now there are more than 700 workers. Moreover, six high precise soft engines production lines including CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machining center, automatic assembly line, automatic painting line and high precise measuring equipment make JAC Navistar become the world leading diesel engine manufacturing base.

It is worth mentioning that except for the industry leading automatic machining equipment such as Germany CNC machining center and German horning; the key procedure has adopted Italy closed loop control machining, and any processing parts with the flaw cannot enter next procedure. After the strict checks at all level s, and finally passing the cool engine and heat engine tests, the engine can roll off the line.

JAC Navistar Engine New Base doesn't only have high-level manufacturing system, but is also a green manufacturing base. The plant design use ground source heat pump air conditioning system, which can help the energy consumption 30% lower than the central air-conditioning, besides, machining coolant filters system and pollutants, waste purification treatment system can reduce the influence of production to the environment to the lowest level.

Leading Technology Forms Diesel Engine Power Market New Layout

The off line of MaxxForce power products marks that Chinese new generation medium and light diesel engine power is coming.

The first off-line MaxxForce 3.2L diesel engine is the new generation light diesel power products Navistar developed with many years accumulation of technology and rich research experience. The engine model is 4 cylinder 16 valves structure with the maximum power of 118kw/3000rpm,the maximum rated power of 450N.m/1500-2200rpm and the lowest fuel consumption under the full load is 200g/kW.All the index of the engine keeps the leading positon in the world.

MaxxForce 3.2L diesel engine applies the ultra-low friction coefficient valve system, leading DAVNT double shaft variable turbocharged, cross intake and exhaust technology, grading combustion technology with 1800 bar High pressure common rail fuel injection system helps the engine reach 310N.m high torque when the engine is 1000 rp,.MaxxForce brings stronger power and energy saving experience to the users in power, fuel economy and reliability.

Because of the light design cylinder block and cylinder head, the complete weight of MaxxForce 3.2L engine is only 315kg, effectively improving transport efficiency and reducing the complete vehicles fuel consumption. High efficient electric control system EGR can not only satisfy National IV emission standard, but also can be upgraded to Euro V and Eero VI.

It is worth mentioning that the double-shaft variable turbocharger technology used in the engine can improve the transient response of the engine in the whole operating range, greatly improving the engine power, economy and emission performance, and meanwhile increase the engine reliability. MaxxForce diesel engine represents the latest achievement the current light diesel engine has made.

MaxxForce 4.8L diesel engines have the highest torque and the lowest fuel consumption.The lifetime of this engine can reach 500,000 kilometers. It is an economic and reliable products .The series engine is 4 cylinder 16 valves.Its maximum power rates is 140kW/2200rpm, and the highest torque is 720N.m/1200-1600rpm with the lowest fuel consumption rate in full load of 194g/kW.h, fully meeting the power demands of light trucks, medium trucks and coaches.Advanced SCR (After-treatment system) can upgrade to National IV emission standard.

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