2014-10-15JAC S3 (Mini SUV) monthly sales volume has made a breakthrough 10000 units

JAC the newest car model –S3 (mini SUV) has became a hot selling model in Chinese automobile market. The creative internet launching conference attracted more than 2 million people to join in and sold a record of 900 units in single day. Just 27 days after launching into market, JAC S3 sales volume has made a breakthrough 12,127 units and became an excellent dark horse of Chinese automobile market.

In Chinese automobile market, 10,000 units sales volume per month is a landmark of success, which means this car model has been completely satisfied with the demands of customers in terms of its brand image, quality and performance. Therefore, this is of great significance to S3.

It is reported that JAC has made a detailed investigation to 100 ages of 25-30 young people in the beginning of product R&D. And after S3 debuted in front of the public, JAC collected the feedback of young people in many ways and timely made targeted adjustments. In dynamic system, S3 is equipped with 1.5VVT engine and 6MT, CVT ATM, and Maximum power is 83Kw and Maximum Torque is 146Nm with EPS, EPAS, HAS and other intelligent equipments.

The segment market of mini SUV has the fierce competition and few of models can reach 10,000 units monthly sales volume. The hot-selling of S3 first set up the ‘Drive, so easy ’value benchmarking in mini SUV market and successfully lead the trend of consumption in this segment market.

By virtue of its fashionable sculpt, excellent quality, perfect service system and reasonable price, JAC S3 achieved a breakthrough of 10,000 units in the first month sales. JAC will strengthen its advantages and launch more new products to overseas and domestic customers.

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