2014-09-12JAC Passenger Car Exhibited in Iran Mashhad Auto Show

Mashhad (Arabic: Ma had, English: The place of Martyrdom) is the second largest city of Iran and the capital of Khorasan Province, one of the holy city of Shia muslims. It locates in the Northeast and also the famous tourist resort of Iran.

From September 2 to 6, 2014, Iran Mashhad Auto Show was held in the conference center of Mashhad. As the second largest Iran auto show, it attracted 112 auto manufactures and spare parts supplies from Iran and overseas including JAC, Chery, Lifan, Chang'an, MG, Greatwall and others 12 Chinese home-growth brands. Chinese independent auto manufactures have becoming the focus of this auto show and JAC has attracted great concerns for its largest scale and propaganda.

In this auto show, JAC exhibited four car models – J5, J5MT and S5 (two models). And J5 MT is painted with golden color, outstanding, attracting numerous of visitors to watch and inquiry. What’s more, S5 has been highly recommended in the auto show and it is expected to launch before the end of the year. We believe that JAC will be more competitive with the launching of S5 and JAC brand image also will be enhanced in Iran.

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