2014-09-05JAC IEV First Batch Exported to the USA

Now, ‘Green and environmental-friendly’ hasbecome the central theme of global development and energy-saving and emission reduction electric vehicles are very popular amongyoung people. On 3rd September, JAC hld the delivery ceremony of first batch IEV (Electric vehicle) to the USA, starting its green journey to America. It’s reported that the order marks JAC IEV has already officially entered North America developed countries, creating the precedent of Chinese pure electric vehicles mass launching into overseas developed markets and bringing new choice to America customers for green and low carbon driving.

Exquisitely preparing, JAC makes the layout of American market

America is the second largest auto market in the world as well as the largest electric vehicle market which has the fiercest competition among global electric vehicle auto manufactures. At the end of 2012, GTA and JAC began the cooperation of bringing JAC IEV into the USA market. After one year business negotiation, technical improvement and production adaption, GTA and JAC signed the framework agreement of 2000 units J3 IEV exported to the USA in August 2014.

The exported JAC IEV are based on the platform of JAC fourth generation electric vehicle which can satisfy America customers total requirements through power system and car body lightening and motor controller software, battery, charging system and EPS special parts technical improvement. It also has passed and reachedFederal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS500.

JAC IEV has got comprehensive improvements of driver module, battery unit energy, driving range, operating performance and other key indexes. What’s more, the whole vehicle uses the latest lightweight design and the construction of vehicle has been completely optimized. According to the report, this model adopts the integrity center of mass concentrate powertrain assembly design which effectively reduces the vibration and noise; and the battery pack makes maximal use of physical spacewithhigh safety and replaceable.

Bringing ‘Green Tornado ’to the USA

JAC officially started the layout of new-energy vehicles during the “Eleven-fifth” period, after the research and practice, it chose the pure electric and plug-in hybrid as the technology road and produced the first-generation IEV electric vehicles. After the research and improvement of four generation electric vehicles, JAC has created the largest scale of pure-electric vehicles demonstration operation, keeping the top position in China new-energy vehicles industry for four years with the accumulative sales of over 6000 units and the single driving mileage of over 100,000 units. Currently, JAC has created the most mature and the largest scale new energy vehicles industry system, bringing real benefits to the customers, sweeping “green tornado”.

And right now, the ’green tornado’ is blowing towards the USA. It is learnt that JAC partner in the USA is GreenTech Automotive (hereinafter called GTA). GTA is a company who is devoted to the development, production and sales of the environmental friendly automobiles with reasonable price, and its main marketsarein the developed countries such as the USA, European countries. In 2013, GTA Corporation became the electric vehicles supplier of United States Department of Defense. The sales network of GTA has covered the developed countries of the USA and west Europe and the customers include governments, post offices, large playgrounds and large companies. Although this is the first time that GTA cooperated with China automobile enterprise, JAC high requirement for the quality, performance and specification of the products gave confidence to GTA. ’JAC manufacturing ability and products quality are the acknowledged well known, and we believe that the cooperation between JAC and GTA in the USA will win the trust and favors of American customers. ‘said GTA board chairman Wang Xiaolin.

There are two strategic lines in JAC global layout: one line is the geographic line, the first direction is to take the roundabout to west Europe from east Europe, Middle East Europe and South Europe, and the second direction is to take the roundabout to North America from South America, Middle South America and finally enter the global market, while the other line is to start from the simple products business to the establishment of KD plant, and joint venture, and to start from the output of products, technology to the output of management and capital. JAC exporting electric vehicles to the USA is an important measure that JAC orderly promotes its global business along the strategic line and also a step forward with milestone significance. ‘To share with more global users of JAC new-energy vehicles achievements, to let them enjoy the energy saving environmental friendly transportation and the green life brought by technology innovation.’ Vice-general manager of JAC as well as General Manager of JAC InternationalShe Cairong expressed that “JAC will stick to the development road with efficiency, quality, technology, characteristics and scale, and provide better products and service to the global users based on JAC superior export experience and perfect overseas network system. ”

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