2014-09-02JAC Released its First Mini SUV S3, Opening a Young Life Style of Drive, So Easy

On August 27th, JAC first mini SUV S3 was officially launched into the market which is a easy-driven SUV for urban young customers and was born from JAC newest second passenger car platform. JAC S3 completely displays the requirements of urban young people that is easy, convenient and economic, which inspires a‘Drive, so easy’life style for young people.

The exterior design of S3 is dynamic and the overall dimensions are 4325×1765×1660 mm (L×W×H) and the wheelbase is 2560mm. The front face of S3 has adopted the bottle-mouth design and blended electroplating decoration. The headlamps sculpt is very fashion and practical-high and low light partition design combined with halogen light source and LED daytime running lamps.

In terms of interior trim, the whole is mostly black with orange wrapped. The layout of center console is easy to control and its silver decoration strip makes the visual effect further enhanced. And the steering wheel is wrapped with leather and is equipped withmulti-function button to adjust multimedia and cruise control system.

Individually tailored to young customers, let’s have fun with S3

Loving show, loving play, loving freedom and loving save money are the requirements of contemporary young peoplefor car living. JAC S3 has made good preparation for young customers in terms of model, specification, operation and others.

JAC S3’s cool exterior gives the most satisfaction to young people who love show off. Origin from JAC Italy R&D center masters’design, S3 was born to have unique characteristic like bottle mouth front face, streamline body and daytime driving lamps. The other character of the contemporary young people is loving play, and S3’s powerful dynamic could make you play high. 1.5VVT engine with6MT and CVT auto transmission makes the Max.power reach 83Kw and the Max. torque reach 146N.m, which make young people more free and easy on the road.

When most of people think SUV is hard to control, JAC S3 has brought a revolution to freedom- loving young people. ESP (Electronic Stability Control) system, EPAS (Electronic Power Advanced Steering), HAS (Hill-start Assist Control) and other advanced equipments make young people enjoy the driving pleasure of SUV. To satisfy the low carbon and environmental-friendly life style, the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is 5.9L and 200,000 kilometers warranty during 5 years.

What's the good car? To rational and high taste contemporary young people, easy-driving and intelligent should be put in the first place. With the launching of JAC S3, a ‘Drive, so easy’life style has been opened for young people because of S3’s low price, high specification and low energy consumption. JAC will further perfect its service system and enhance its brand experience to let young people enjoy the truly driving pleasure.

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