2014-07-21JAC iEV 4 (Pure-electric vehicle) Launches in Beijing China Officially

On July 4th2014, JAC launched it's the newest generation pure-electric vehicle iEV4 officially in China. JAC IEV is the top sales pure-electric vehicle in Chinese market and the market holdings are more than 6000 units, which is the most common pure-electric vehicle on the street. On the spot of launching ceremony, more than 200 IEV4 intentions customers were attended. Why is new model car having so many people’s interest?

In dynamic, this is the fourth generation JAC pure-electric vehicle which has blended in the newest JAC design elements with 19.2kwh lithium iron phosphate battery. The vehicle can achieve the maximum 160km extended range in urban and the maximum speed can reach 95km/h, and it can achieve the maximum 200km extended range under the 60km/h constant speed.

Meanwhile, JAC IEV4 adopted two kinds of charging modes and the quick charger is 2.5 hours and slow charger is 8 hours. Besides, this car model has a Long warranty service, and its core power-driven spare parts can enjoy the warranty for 5 years or 100000 kilometers.

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