2014-07-18JAC heavy duty truck has achieved overseas mass assembly first time

One after one JAC heavy duty truck is rolling of the Venezuela APL Corp’s production line successfully.

This is the first JAC overseas heavy-duty truck production base and APL Corp’s production line can be readjusted to produce heavy and light-duty truck models.

Since last year, Venezuela APL Corp and JAC had achieved the assembly agreement of 300 units KD spare parts. JAC gave a positive response and finished the production design, model car test and spare parts delivery just in only one year.

JAC Y40C2 and G15D1 are equipped with Cummins engine and the newest modeling cab. And Y40C2 is the newest model 6*4 cab with ZF gear box which belongs to the high-end level heavy-duty truck. To guarantee the quality of JAC trucks, JAC organizes the service team to stay in Venezuela APL Corp to support local sales and service.

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