2014-06-06S5 Motorcade Enters JAC Sao Paulo 4S Shop

On May 24th, the shooting program was divided into two teams to start a new round football game by the vehicles instead of feet. At 9 o’clock in the morning, the shooting program went to JAC 4S shop, which was full of world cup and football elements with enthusiasm atmosphere.

At 10 o’clock, the game began. In front of the 4S shop, there was an arch with the football shape of ballrooms, and a big football was placed early at the penalty spot.8 members of each team will kick the football into the arch by driving S5 one by one, and anyone who scored the goal could win one point for its team.

The game tested not only the driving skills of the drivers, but also emphasized a lot on S5’s performance, because it required of short time acceleration and the vehicles could realize sudden and accurate stop after kicking the football. The excellent performance of S5 won the favorable comments of the participants-it perfectly completed the instant start, sharp turning and sharp braking.

During the game, the bells suddenly rang, followed by sound of cars’ horn, which attracted us to find that the 4S shop welcomed a new owner of J3, and staffs in the shop pressed the horns of showed vehicles to express their congratulations on the owners.

Our shooting team also offered its congratulations and took photos with the owner while the owner accepted the invitation, and shouted the slogan of “Go, Brazil Go”as well as extended its greetings to Chinese audients.

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