2014-06-04With JAC S5 to appreciate the charm of Brazil martial arts

Talking about Brazil, most of people think that Rio de Janeiro is the symbol of Brazil. Actually, only Brazilians know that El Salvador is the original of Brazil’s spirit. When JAC S5 driving in the 400 years’ El Salvador, we really feel its historical and cultural atmosphere.

The other big purpose of our travelling is to witness Brazil martial arts charm. Speaking of martial arts, most of Chinese consider that this is unique to China. In fact, in the land of Southern Hemisphere, Brazil martial arts and football are both well-known in the worldwide.

We drove S5 to visit local famous martial arts trainer. They show their ancestors invented –Capoeira which has became a kind of traditional sports training project. In Brazil, it even can match with football, so we hope that we can see this performance in the opening ceremony of Brazil World Cup.

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