2014-05-23Celebrate JAC 50 years Anniversary S5 Launching into Chile

On May 20th 2014, on the day of JAC 50 years anniversary, JAC S5 officially launched into the market of Chile. Chile has a high requirement of vehicle’s safety and environmental protection. JAC successfully passed Chile official Euro 5 emission detection in December 2013 and got the admittance certification. After half of one year’s preparation and preheat, S5 officially launched into Chile on this special day.

At 10:30 Am, JAC Chile distributor DERCO Company held the listing press conference in Chile Hilton Garden Inn ceremoniously to announce S5 now on the market of Chile. And the launching model is S5 2.0T and Chile unified price is 8.99 million pesos, or about $16300.

In the press conference, the general manager of JAC Mr. Christian Jaramillo gave a brief introduction of S5 performance and highlights which won the admiration from local media and customers.

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