2014-05-21S5 Drives Freely on the Alegre Port Expressway

Three shooting days of Go, Brazil Goal programmer were completed, we started our new journey before enjoying the beauty of the city.

Visiting Olympic Memorial Stadium

Before departing for the new destination ,we passed the Grêmio Foot-BallPorto Alegrense home field-Olympic Memorial Stadium, so we stopped to have a visit.

Olympic Memorial Stadium was established in 1954 with the capacity of 54081people. In the open air, we cannot help thinking that the court is a mysterious place which was born from football, and right now it has become a traditional and mysterious, which has witnessed the glory and dream of Grêmio Foot-Ball.

Running in the expressway

Brazil expressway is open and there are no guardrails on both sides but only meadows, thus the drivers can drive down to have a rest at any time.

What is more different is that when overtaking other cars on the expressway, there is no need to turn no left turning lamp, or switch low beam and driving beam to warm, or honk the horns, what they can rely on is the drivers’ driving skills and experience. It is lucky that the drivers of S5 motorcade have rich experience and S5 have excellent driving performance. And we are running among the vehicles freely.

At night, we arrived in BalneárioCamboriú located in Santa Catarina.

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