2014-05-20JAC Motors 50 Years Memorabilia

On May 20th 2014, JAC Motors celebrated its 50 years’ anniversary. 50 years ago, JAC Motors was founded in Shore of Chaohu Lake. As one of the first batch of Chinese auto manufacturers, JAC Motors quickly developed from manufacturing spare parts to complete vehicles. In 1968, the first vehicle of Anhui Province was born in JAC Motors, filling the gap in Anhui's automotive industry and opening the curtain of Anhui automobile industry.

Though 50 years’ struggle, JAC has developed into a comprehensive automaker with full-line independent brand vehicles in China, including light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, pickups, Van, MPV, SRV, sedan, new energy vehicle, bus chassis, buses, engineering machinery, engines, gearboxes and other key components, and now it owns 500,000 units annual capacity. In 1997, JAC Group was established which owned JAC Motors and Ankai two listed companies, JAC Special Purpose Vehicle Co. Ltd and other dozens of wholly-owned or controlling companies with total assets of 30.6 billion Yuan.

Bus chassis lead Chinese segment market, ranking No.1 for 3 years.

JAC Motors 50 years’ development history is an epitome of Chinese auto industry. And JAC has created numerous of No.1 in Chinese auto industry. In the early 1990s’, JAC transformed its business to bus professional chassis which filled the gap in domestic. In 2005, the 6700KY bus chassis was recognized as one of "the top 50 most influential products of the Chinese automobile industry in the past five decades".

In May 1990, JAC 36 units of light-duty truck and 24 units of buses with JAC special bus chassis were exported to Bolivia, opening the curtain of JAC exporting.

Creating the leading advantage of commercial vehicle

In 1968, the first vehicle in Anhui was born in JAC Motors, filling the gap of Anhui automobile 1996, JAC Motors enlarged its business into high-end light duty truck. The international level JAC HFC1061 light-duty truck has become the favorite model as soon as it’s launched into the market.

With JAC development in commercial vehicles, in 2011, JAC light-duty truck business started its transformation and upgrade, the fourth generation high-end light-duty truck N-series were launched into the market in Shengzhen, leading the development trend of Chinese high-end light truck. In the first quarter of 2014, JAC sold nearly 60000 units light trucks, up by 8%, continually leading Chinese market.

From less than 1000 units annual sales volume in the early of 1990s to over 220,000 units per year in 2013, JAC high –end light duty truck has kept No.1 in this segment market and has maintained the No. 1 in export sales of light duty trucks for 14 years.

On basis of light truck business, JAC began to explore the breakthrough of heavy-duty truck. Before 2003, the technology of Chinese heavy-duty truck was old-fashioned. On October 28th 2014, JAC heavy-duty truck rolled off the production line in JAC Hefei heavy-duty truck production base, which was co-produced by Hyundai Motors and JAC Motors. It completed JAC's full range of heavy, medium and light commercial vehicles.

The success of JAC in commercial vehicle business made the foundation for its follow-up development. After that, JAC has achieve more accomplishment in the field of MPV, Passenger car, new energy vehicle and spare parts, becoming a huge comprehensive automobile group.

Passenger Vehicles Comes into Force

Soon after JAC was listed, in March 2003, JAC MPV with Hyundai H-1 technology rolled off the line and was named as M1. As the symbolic product, it meant that JAC had started to enter the passenger vehicles’market, and later MPV was proved to be a success with its leading position in Chinese MPV sales for several years. After M1 won success in the market, its upgraded product was independently developed by JAC and JAC first SRV S1 was launched into the market. All these measures indicated that JAC had made active preparation for its complete entry into sedan area.

Until January 2007, JAC got the approval of Chinese National Development and Reform Commission, and obtained the sedan production qualification; In Shanghai Auto Show in April, 2007, JAC unveiled its first sedan-J7 to the public, receiving great attention from the media, at that time, the news that JAC officially entered into passenger vehicles market was spread in Chinese automobile field. The launch of S1 and J7 boosted JAC to accelerate its passenger vehicles’development, and in 2008, JAC layout Chinese home sedan market through J3 and J3 Turin, and sequentially in the next year, JAC released compact sedan J5, which laid JAC foundation in Chinese passenger vehicles area.

As is known to all, the competition of Chinese passenger vehicles market are fierce, anyone who wants to stand out must keep calm and stand pressure. In order to face new industry trend and competition environment, in 2012, JAC started to adjust passenger vehicles strategy, in the Guangzhou Auto Show that year, JAC officially published its double brand operation strategy, which meant that JAC passenger vehicles stepped into brand operation 2.0 era from products operation 1.0 era.

After 7 years’accumulation, the sales of JAC passenger vehicles have jumped from 11,600 units in 2008 to 150,000 units, the figures of which have witnessed JAC passenger vehicles up and down, and also demonstrated JAC stick to passenger vehicles road. With the comprehensive layout of S5, J4 and S3, JAC passenger vehicles come into a new round force.

More Businesses are Shinning

When focusing on the development of passenger vehicles, JAC never stopped the step of commercial vehicles’development. At the end of 2010, JAC first van-V1 was officially released into the market which benchmarked European advanced products and faced China and overseas markets. After achieving the breakthrough of European multifunction commercial vehicles in Chinese commercial vehicles field, JAC has expanded the function of V1 to business, cargo use, logistics and modification and so on, competing with global top brands.

Meanwhile in 2010 JAC handed with American commercial vehicles leader- Navistar, signing the engine cooperation agreement, and in the future, JAC light trucks, heavy trucks and other commercial vehicles will mainly be equipped with Navistar Maxxforce power. And right now, JAC light trucks equipped with Maxxforce engine is making the final preparation before its release into the market, at the same time; JAC cooperation with Navistar in heavy trucks joint venture is actively promoted.

JAC has started new energy vehicles’development for three years and has introduced five generation of its IEV brand pure electric vehicles. Because JAC made an early start in the new energy vehicles’development, now it has captured new energy vehicles’integration and optimization matching technologies, as well as the core technologies of electric control, electric drive and battery systems. In 2014, JAC J5 IEV4 pure electric vehicles were selected as the first batch which can enjoy the energy vehicles subsidy in Beijing and Shanghai, China. Besides, JAC electric vehicles have created No.1 position for several years in the market demonstration, and have sold more than 5300 units of IEV pure electric vehicles and more than 800 Ankai coach in total. Standing in Chinese market and facing overseas market, JAC new energy vehicles must be JAC important strategy focusing on future.

During the past 50 years, JAC has never stopped its forwarding step. As the first batch of new China national enterprises, JAC right now is reinventing itself and renovating bravely, driving into a new era. It is expected that in the future global automobile map, JAC will play more active and important role.

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