2014-05-20Glory and Dream---JAC Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

In May 20, 2014, JAC will celebrate 50 years of innovation and hard work that lead the company to become one of China's best automobile brands.

JAC was established in 1964, with the original name of Chaohu Auto Parts Factory. In 1967, JAC produced the first car in Anhui province. 40 years later, in 1997, China Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. was formally founded. 
The company has gone a long way from producing its first car to winning the recent prizes A6 and iEV5 at Beijing Auto Show. This impressive development has been made possible thanks to all JAC employees’ efforts and the constant focus on top quality through innovation.

“For the past 50 years, JAC has grown up from small to large and weak to strong,and we will work harder to bring better vehicle using experience to customers”, says JAC’S CEO An Jing. Despite many awards, the company always wants to go further in research for perfection, innovation and customer satisfaction. This is the key that allowed JAC to perform so well, considering difficulties as challenges and always moving forward.

In 2012, while the sales volume of Chinese brands started to slow down for domestic auto market, JAC won the top prize in China quality arena – China Quality Award. This is the first time a Chinese auto brand company wins prize and this is a perfect example of JAC's strategy, leading to successful achievement in a very competitive environment.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary JAC organized an important Brand Forum with industry experts and journalists. JAC's CEO An Jing explained the company strategy saying that “Successful auto brands should rely on constant innovation and focus on user's understanding.”

For the past decades, JAC keeps on enlarging its source input in R&D and put quality first. An Jing said again that the company should listen to its users, upgrade its Customer’s Relation Management system and track the customer service performance of local dealers.

This is one of the reasons why JAC's domestic market share becomes continuously bigger, while its International development has also become a priority objective.

Two main events have allowed this successful strategic plan:

- In 2002, JAC released its passenger car S5, and in 2007, JAC released its sedan car and achieved its strategic transformation.

- In 2012, An Jingbecame the CEO of JAC and carried out a series of top-down reforms that have allowed constant progresses and satisfactory results.

“In order to improve the R&D capacity, we developed an ambitious Five years plan to make sure we could focus on technology, R&D, Work flow and project management, performance evaluation and incentive compensation.”

Currently, the China auto market is changing from a price-oriented market to brands competition. While facing rough competition from joint-venture brands, Chinese auto brands should not only provide top quality cars but also use its predominance on innovation and improve customer satisfaction.

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