2014-05-15JAC Go Brazil Goal S5 motorcade entered into JAC Brasilia 4S shop

In Brasilia, every day we are enjoying the bathing of sunshine, and also experiencing all kinds of challenges. Today, we will go to JAC 4S shop in Brasilia to complete an arduous task.

In the morning, we arrived the biggest JAC 4S shop in Brasilia where owns the most completed JAC modes in Brazil. To welcoming the world cup, the shop has decorated the color of football, using yellow and green to compose the sharp of Star River and football.

A very handsome shop manager accepted us and gave a brief introduction of JAC sales in Brazil: JAC has the biggest overseas plant in Brazil, so the production localization is very high, no matter the interior trim, driving habits and exterior appearance are completely in line with Brazilian’s aesthetic and driving requirements, deeply loved by Brazilians.

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