2014-05-142014 C-NCAP Results Unveiled-JAC J4 Achieves Five Stars with the High Score of 54.5

Recently, China Automotive Technology & Research Center released 2014 first C-NCAP (China-New Car Assessment Program) crash evaluation results-JAC J4 got the high score of 54.5, achieving five star results and becoming another A-class car with five-star security.

In the 100% Frontal Impact against Rigid Barrier at 50km/h, security belts and safety airbags can provide timely protection.

In the 40% Overlap Impact against Deformable Barrier in the front at 64km/h, the security belts and the airbags can provide timely protection. After frontal collision of 40% area at 64km/h, there is no significant deform in the A column.

In the Side Impact against Mobile Deformable Barrier at 50km/h, the impact force was born by B column and anti-collision beam, besides, the security belts are fastened and the side curtain airbags can work well.

It is learnt that J4 is based on HCS(Human-centered Safety)philosophy and has its distinctive shinning points in the security configuration, body materials and manufacturing aircraft.

In the security configuration,J4 HCS safety philosophy more emphasizes on the protection of people, and it can protect not only the passengers in the vehicle, but also protect the pedestrians, so the design of J4 has followed European second stage pedestrian protection.

And in the protection of the passengers, except for the common safety configuration, J4 has paid great attention on the safety details, for example, using two-level collapsible steering column,side airbags, which can provide the largest security guarantee for the passengers.

And it is the only vehicle equipped with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) and 6 airbags

In the body guarantee, based on the high strength crash design, J4 has extensively used high strength steel sheets which can greatly increase the complete vehicles’ intensity. Besides, in the design, J4 attached great importance on the impact force transmission path, and dispersed the force to the whole vehicle body to reduce the deformation of the driving cabin.

In the aircraft, J4 has used one-time into shape pressing process which can guarantee the pressing high strength without welding spot. Moreover, J4 has extensively used galvanized steel sheet to increase anticorrosive ability to guarantee the safety reliability of the vehicles.

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