2014-05-13JAC S5 Motorcade Experience the Travelling Tough Brazil Jungle

Farewell Curitiba, ‘Go Brazil Goal’ program team drove along the coastline of southern Brazil, from Florianopolis to Manuel Alegre. Although there are only 400 kilometers between two cities, we need pass though mystical Brazil Jungle.

Driving along the coastline of Florianopolis, we were totally attracted by blue sky, white cloud, green water, colorful small towns and some horses or cow grazing, like walking into a fairy tale world.

Driving on the highway among the mountains, few vehicles, numerous turning, experienced Brazil drivers still kept the high speed thanks to JAC S5’s outstanding performance.

Attracted by Beautiful scenery along the way, we got lost in the forest. There were no phone signal, even the GPS is useless. Great thanks for a passing-by bus driver, he told us the nearest town is 40 kilometers where just need pass a wooden bridge.

After 14 hours driving, we finally arrived the Manuel Alegre,

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