2014-05-09Leaving Curitiba to the next station

Finished one week’s interview in Curitiba, we almost blend into the culture of this city. Familiar street, say ‘hello’ to strangers or enjoying the beautiful scenery, we have a very good impression to this city and even fall into love with it. With the completion of filming mission, it’s time for us to say goodbye.

Next station, we will pass Florianopolis to Manuel Alegre. It’s one of the largest cities of Brazil, the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul and a very important port and business center, very flourish. Here is also the hometown of Brazil barbecue and world famous football player- Ronaldinho. Local famous football teams include Internacional and Grêmio, and numerous of international football stars out of from here. Let’s look forward a original Brazil barbecue and experience excellent football culture.

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