2014-05-09Pay a visit to Chinese ambassador in Brazil

Today, ‘Go Brazil Goal’ program team has a very important task to visit Chinese ambassador in Brazil. The ambassador of Mr. Li Jinzhang accepted the interview. He exchanged the different characteristics of two countries’ football culture and the changes of Brazil after undertaking the 2014 World Cup. And he emphasized that Brazil has many good experience of cultivating football players, football club development and folk culture for learning and encouraged more young people to take parting this sport.

Mr. Li Jinzhang has a very deep origin with JAC Motors, who once attended JAC Brazil plant ground-breaking ceremony. He gave a favorite admiration to JAC products. And he said :’JAC 4S shops can be found everywhere in Brazil and also can see local people driving JAC vehicles , so I feel very proud to see Chinese auto-manufacture can achieve a so large marketing share in overseas markets.’

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