2014-05-09Entering into Brasilia Professional Football Club

Entering into Brazil, we know that football has very deep influence to Brazilians; it’s the mainstream of Brazilians’ life and culture. When the league matches or big domestic and international matches are holding, most of Brazilians go to watch with all the family members. And the local guide tell us that every Brazilian is the football fans, even electing the president, ‘understanding football or not’ is also a very important element to win the vote. ‘Go Brazil Goal’ program team decide to visit Brasilia professional football club to explore the true enthusiasm of football in Brazil.

Once we got here, we immediately attracted by the trophies in the hall which are the honor of this football team as well as the constantly struggling target.

Today, the members of ‘Go, Brazil Goal’ and those professional football players have a wonderful friendly match. Winning of losing is not the most important thing. After this match, we share the pleasure of sports and friendship between two countries.

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