2014-05-07Feeling football culture of Curitiba with celebrities

JAC S5Go Brazil Goalhas still been shooting, 30th of April, we arrived to Curitiba of brazil. Here, traffic is not crowded, view alongside road is beautiful, and so we started shooting work with delighted mood.

Curitiba is in southern part of Brazil, capital of Parana state. It is on Serra do Mar plateau which is about 330 km southwest of StPaul, only about one hundred km far away from Parana port. In 1990, it is the only one city which is located in developing countries among the first batch of ‘The most suitable city for living’ named by UN(the other 4 cities are Vancouver/Paris/Rome/Sydney). It is also one of the cities with high greening rate in the world, called Ecological city of Brazil.

Coming to Curitiba, we have to feel its football culture.

7’o clock we are all ready for the whole day’s work.8am, we came to famous Oscar Niemeyer Museum and characteristic bus station.

With high living condition, Curitiba is another city which has the most automobiles per capita besides Brasilia, averagely, 2.6 persons have an automobile. However, its public transportation has huge temptation; people prefer to choose safe and convenient bus. Curitiba is famous for developing its public transportation, and is highly praised by UITP.

World famous BRTsystem originates from Integrated transport system of Curitiba.

Close to noon, we came to shoot in a special restaurant called TREW MINEIRO, which deeply impresses me about the super infection of watching a football game at the bar!

2pm, we came to shoot in a local gym, inviting Roque junior from Brazil's national team to kick off.

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