2014-05-07CCTV&JAC Go Brazil Goal S5 Motorcade Arrives in Brazil and Ready to Start

CCTV 5 2014 World Cup factual program ‘Go Brazil Goal’has completed the travel in Europe and now the production team got together in Brazil- the host of 2014 Brazil World Cup. As the unique designated vehicle –JAC S5 has perfectly completed the escort working in Europe. Its stable performance has win the admiration from CCTV program team and also left a good impression for local people.

This time, ‘Go Brazil Goal’program team will drive S5 across 12 cities like Brasilia, Recife, Curitiba, Manaus and other brazil famous cities, using the camera to record each city’s particular football culture and local customs and practices.

The culture of Brazil football is renowned worldwide. Not only the world-class football players, but also some super power football clubs and football leagues. Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Salvatore, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro are popular destination for football fans where have Atletico Mineiro, Santos, Flamenco and other Brazil Serie A teams. Of course, the program of ‘Go Brazil Goal’won’t miss.

To display a fresh and alive, real Brazil, the program tem will record Brazilian’s different culture from culture, history, customs and diversified angles to let people understand Brazil football’s profound cultural foundation. The natural history museum of Rio DE Janeiro, Independent park in Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Square of the Three Powers, El Salvador's San Francisco's cathedral…filled with new classic color. Let’s go with S5 to enjoy this charming country.

Beside, football culture is still the key point for this program. If football club and pitch are the essences of football culture, street football, fans and media are the source of Brazil football art. ‘Go Brazil Goal’will visit local football players and fans in each city and disclose the charming of football in Brazil.

Brazil and JAC have a very close connection, and JAC is building it's the biggest overseas plant there. And Brazil is also the most shining market of JAC. In 2013, JAC J2 has accumulative sold 5,592 units, becoming the best-selling Chinese brand car in Brazil. And J3 and J3 Turin sold 4321 units and 3055 units respectively, ranking No.2 and No.4. JAC has exported more than 200,000 units’vehicles to Brazil, where the world fourth largest auto market is full of opportunities and dynamic vitality.

Brazil world cup has entered the countdown state, and JAC S5 motorcade is running on the land of Brazil to bring a wonderful football king’s culture experience.

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