2014-04-29The Chinese Millions of JAC Light Trucks Quality List

1. China the coldest region’s JAC light truck user- Mr. Liu Chunsheng in Mohe

Award-winning reason: He comes from Hei Longjiang Mohe where the lowest temperature reaches 52 degrees below zero in winter – the coldest place in China. His JAC light truck has always been running very well since bought in 2006. Even in the extreme cold weather, the truck is also very easy to start.

2. China the hottest region’s JAC light truck user- Mr. Halik in Turpan
Award-winning reason: He lives in the Dabancheng of Turpan where the average temperature is above 40 degrees in summer. His JAC light truck is used for transport cow, sheep and other animal by-products. Other brands’ truck models always have something wrong with engine because of the high temperature, but high-equipped and excellent quality JAC light truck has always been a steady running.

3. China the moistest region’s JAC light truck user- Mr. Wang Zheng Yin in Si Chuan Mount Emei

Award-winning reason: He comes from Si Chuan Mount Emei where the annual average rain days are 264- the moistest place in China. With the booming of Mount Emei’s tourist trade, he found the business opportunity and bought one unit’s JAC light-truck. After many years’ using, he is very satisfied with the sealing effect of JAC truck’s door, window and trunk.

4. China sand areas JAC light truck user- Mr. Li Jianwen in Gansu

Award-winning reason: He comes from Gansu Minqin County. It is one of places where Chinese sand storm originated. The blowing sand weather is a hard test to vehicle’s air intake system, but JAC light truck solves this problem effectively and greatly reduces the damage of granular sand to engine.


5. China the highest altitude’s JAC light truck user- Mr. Sorens in Tibet.

Award-winning reason: He comes from Shigatse Tibet and his JAC light truck using area is in Shigatse Dinggye County where the altitude is more than 5200 meters – that is called Mount Everest supreme headquarters. The high altitude, strong sunshine and many mountains have a high requirement to vehicle’s performance and driving skills. Excellent quality JAC light truck can drive freely on the snow-covered plateau and challenge all kinds of difficulties. He is very grateful for JAC light truck’s outstanding performance helping him to get rich.

6. China the most fuel- efficient JAC light truck user- Mr. Du Jiucai in Henan Tuo Cheng County

Award-winning reason: He has driven JAC light-duty truck for 8 years and very satisfied with JAC light truck’s good performance, especially for its fuel efficient. The fuel consumption of 100 kilometers within 7 liters makes him get this champion in China.

7. China the longest driving mileage JAC light truck user- Mr. Song Shaoquan in Shangdong Jining

Award-winning reason: He does business of fresh milk delivering. By virtue of many years’ vehicle repairing experience, he purchased one unit’s JAC light truck after detailed analyzing several light truck brands’ performance and specification. During 8 years’ running, the travel distance of this truck has reached over 1.4 million kilometers without any overhauls.

8. China the largest number of JAC light trucks owner- Mr. Chen Yuntao in Zhejiang Jiaxing 

Award-winning reason: Since 2003, he has bought 24 units’ JAC light-duty trucks. And the earliest purchased JAC light truck has driven more than 650,000 kilometers. He has become the light truck expert depending on many years’ vehicle using experience and he has always thought that JAC light truck’s quality is the best.

9. China the largest amount of JAC light trucks group - Wantwant Group

Award-winning reason: This group has created a record of 220 million Yuan signal order of light-duty truck industry. Since 2008, Wantwant Group has purchased 3557 units’ JAC light-duty trucks for its durable performance, high quality and efficiency and low failure rate.

10. China the earliest purchased JAC light truck user- Mr. Han Erlin in Hebei Jingxing

Award-winning reason: His JAC light truck (HF142C) bought in 1989 which is the second generation light truck of JAC Motors. And he has driven this truck all around China. Since 1989, the truck hasn’t been overhauled and the engine, car body haven’t been damaged. Only the tire has been changed for one time.

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