2014-04-21'All Star' combination enhances JAC passenger vehicles brand image

JAC displayed its passenger vehicles image with all-star combination of MPV, SUV and sedans, among which the new modals connected with international main trend, and the main modals configuration is also distinguished.

2013 sales data shows that during the past year, JAC passenger vehicles have sold 203355 units of vehicles, up by 0.68%, while JAC commercial vehicles have sold 308240 units, up by 9.33%, whose sales data and increasing rate exceed Chinese commercial vehicles’ average rate. Right now, under the leading of passenger vehicles’ “Double Brands” strategy and commercial vehicles’ focus on city logistics, JAC has demonstrated its marketing leading phase gradually. With outstanding sales achievements, JAC has brought market focused modals, new updated modals and innovative concept modals which represent the future automobile life and top automobile technology.

As the start of JAC passenger vehicles, JAC MPV will appear itself with full series of MPV, while JAC J5 combined with the functions of sedan, MPV and SUV displayed the charm of fashionable all-round sedan. With the philosophy of space creates freedom, M5 represents new generation official business MPV new benchmark.M6 is designed by JAC Italy center, with its exquisite and classic interior, the stability and comfort was highlighted.

In the SUV segment, JAC S5 is the guaranteed modal of CCTV program “Go, Brazil Goal”. As the successful complete of the guaranteed task, S5 beautiful appearance and strong power also show Chinese automobile brand charm.The showed S5 will be 1.5TGDI modal, which is equipped with 1.5GDIT+6DCT white gold power system, and its maximum output is 120kw, and the maximum torque is 251N.m. Besides, a new SUV will also be remarkable with fashionable design, all-black interior, 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel and large display screen, S30 will bring you with pleasure driving experience.

In the sedan aspect, JAC A6 which is positioned as high-end official business sedan is equipped with ENIVI 2.0 vehicle-mounted information entertainment system jointly developed by JAC and Bosch, which can make the vehicle control more smart. Morever, A20 positioned as fashionable sedan mainly faces the young people and brings the superior space and configuration experience.

In each exhibition, new energy vehicles and concept vehicles are the focus of the public. In Auto China, JAC has brought with it new energy vehicles-IEV5 and concept vehicles SC-9. Based on GT SUV conception, SC-9 has merged with the elements of cross-country vehicles, luxury cars and racing cars. According to the introduction of Italy designer,’S9 does not only have distinctive exterior appearance, but also has groundbreaking gesture interactive system, which has signify JAC leading idea and innovative conception. ’ IEV5 is JAC 5th generation pure electric vehicles, after deliberately designed, this vehicle has outstanding driving duration.

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