2014-04-21Creating the best Chinese electric car, iEV 5 leading JAC passenger cars appear in 2014 Auto Beijing
On April 20th, the 2014 Beijing Auto show opened ceremoniously, JAC with its sedan, SUV, MPV, electric vehicle and power train five series -15 units’ complete vehicles, 3 units’ engines and 1 unit’s Dual-clutch transmission took part in this auto show.

The sedan series: new products 2014 New J5, J4 CVT, A20, A6 and iEV5 (pure electric vehicle) took an appearance first-time on this auto show; The SUV series: ‘Twin Stars’ S30 and S5 and the newest concept car SC-9 grandly debuted. In JAC traditional advantages field, M5, V6, M6, M3 and other models compose the powerful MPV series. Besides, the latest JAC power train fruits include: 1.5TGDI, 2.0t+, DCT transmission.

JAC expressed that: ’we have prepared overall models for Beijing auto show to display our researching and manufacturing ability to customers. Besides the common passenger vehicles, we also bring the newest generation pure electric vehicle Iev5, and the activity ‘who is the king of football’ for 2014 Brazil World Cup will be initiated in the auto show.’

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