2014-04-21CCTV5 with JAC, S5'Who is the king of football'challenge match soon-to be-initiated
With broaden of product series, the brand marketing of JAC is also enhanced, especially in sport marketing. For cheering for 2014 Brazil World Cup, CCTV5 and JAC formally joined, JAC S5 motorcade with ‘Go, Brazil Goal!’ program visit Brazil World Cup 32 finalist countries, displaying JAC products for overseas customers. Since March 2014, the program started from Beijing Olympic Bird's Nest stadium, JAC S5 motorcade will travelled across European and South America continents to discover the secret of football. The whole journey is nearly 50,000 kilometer which is a great challenge for S5. In 2014 Auto Beijing, CCTV5 will join with JAC to initiate ‘Who is the king of football’ challenge match and the winners will go with JAC S5 to Brazil and have the chance to watch the World Cup match in personal, cheering for 2014 Brazil World Cup.
Those years, JAC has given more energy to experience marketing and the experience platform of JAC will completely enhanced to provide more opportunities to customers. In the end of March 2014, the fourth season JAC J5 stunt show started in Jiangsu province and the new car model J4 also entered in this activity. Meanwhile, JAC S5 ‘Galloping China’ will continue in 2004 to display JAC SUV’s attractive quality to customers, and J4 will take part in CRC – the top motor rally in China to experience performance test comprehensively.
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