2014-04-10S5 visited the German Football Association
In the morning of March 24th, "GO Brazil GOAL" group came into the German Football Association, visited Wolfgang Nils and President Bach.
The German Football Association is the official institution in German football, in charge of all football matters including the management of each league, the national team and so on. The headquartered is located in Frankfurt, belonging to UEFA and FIFA’s member.
As everyone knows, the German national football team is regarded as one of the most famous and most successful teams in the world. So far, Germany is the only one World Cup champion both in Men's and Women’s footballs, whose record is second only to Brazil and Italy, called "The German Tanks "on the pitch.
In the afternoon, S5 team went to the Frankfurt exhibition hall and old theater square to shoot views, expecting to show all sports, culture and scenery to more people after "GO Brazil GOAL" broadcasting.
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