2014-03-27S5 shuttle through Munich, feeling its classical beauty
There seems to be a kind of magic on the city of Munich, people will never get tired of being here. On 21st of March, JAC "go brazil goal" team drive on streets of Munich again together with CCTV5 team. The first station is Nymphenburg Palace.
Streets of Munich are not wide, yet traffic is in perfect order without too much jam. All cars start quickly, which requires all vehicles have good accelerating ability. It is said here that if people got rear-end collision because of slow acceleration, they will bear all the responsibility by themselves.
S5 has wonderful condition on power due to its 2.0T engine, which makes Ukrainian drivers very satisfied; they never lose on the starting line. Beautiful design and wonderful array of 5 cars can always draw people's attention. There are 2 people asking for product brand and price while pulling over on Maksim street. They said" JAC,wunderbar" when they farewell.
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