2014-03-27JAC S5 motorcade intimate contacts with the fashion city- Milan, and visits AC Milan
Milan- a city is under the title of fashion and football.
Driving in the street of Milan, JAC S5 motorcade appears more fashion and dynamic in the backdrop of Malian which seems like in a fashion film. Besides fashion, this city has two famous football teams- AC Malan and Inter Malan that will never be forget by football fans. Today S5 motorcade has a chance to visit the young AC Milan.
A.C. Milan was founded as Milan Cricket and Foot-Ball Club on 16 December 1899 by English expatriates Alfred Edwards and Herbert Kilpin. Rossoneri, the team's widely used nickname, literally means "the red & blacks" in Italian, in reference to the colors of the stripes on its jersey. According to Germany famous market research company Sport+Markt's investigation: the number of AC Milan football fans has reached 18,400,000 ranking No.7 in Europe. And AC Milan is also the most popular Italian football team. Through hundreds of development, it also becomes one of the greatest association sports in the world.
AC Milan is always devoted to help intelligent teenagers to achieve their football dream. Many football stars come from this legend team such as Toldo, Antonio Cabrini , Pessotto, Panucci, Pozzi and other world-famous footballer. Let's go with S5 to explore the place that gives birth to a multitude of heroes.
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