2014-03-25S5 motorcade visits Bayern Munich, champions together show outarroganceof King
S5 motorcade visits Bayern Munich, champions together show outarroganceof King
On such an ordinary day, S5 motorcade pay a visit to Munich--a famous historical city alongside Danube in Germany. They saw the training scene of Bayern Munich--champion of Bundesliga.
Will you surprise when you see Franck Ribery--Triple Crown of German Bundesliga,German Football Association Cup and European Champions Cup, MVP of Europe in 2013?
Will you be crazy when you see Lahm--already famous for his remarkable defense and trenchant attack in German Bundesliga six years ago?
Will you cry out when you see Schweinsteiger--who has won champion for 5 times in Bundesliga and has end his football career?
How do you feel when you see Robben--most popular player in Netherlands nowadays and called "Peter Pan" by people?
You will be thrilled but nothing else when you see them all together! At this kind of time, any other team doesn't exist! All faith has turned into worship to these most famous players!
S5 motorcade came to Youth Training Camp of Bayern Munich football club, and watched "friendly match" between these football players. Some have all-round technology, can play anywhere like midfield and front court; some have high speed; others label themselves with so many successful passing times. Either of them is king on the court. Watching games at the scene can not only see their skills, but also feel their momentum. It's like everyone is releasing their biggest energy and their energy together can burn the universe.
What is the real spirit of football? It has some kind of surpassing and purchasing the best, which pretty match spirit of JAC.
After watching the games and players, S5 motorcade feel stimulated besides worship. JAC has also such outstanding power as those players on court. Purchasing the best, working hard, they are the least demand for JAC.
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