2014-03-25JAC S5 motorcade visits AC Florence
Florence is the center of Italy as well as to the whole European renaissance, and the cradle of Italy ancient football. Seeing from the history of Italy football, the glorious of Florence is like a meteor across the night sky. However, the older generation of fans would not forget this brilliant page. On March 16, JAC 'Go Brazil Goal' S5 motorcade came to visit AS Florence.
Due to the weekday, the appointed sports star can't accept CCTV interview. Fortunately, the club gave us a big surprise that The Italian national team football museum would open to us for visiting.
The museum has two floors: the first floor stores the pictures that record all the memorabilia of Italy national football team. From the World Cup 1934- the glorious moment of Italy national team, every picture displays the legend story of this champion.
The second floor is used to store national team members' used football, shoes, polo shirt and trophies. Here we also see the shirt of Paolo Rossi who defeated Brazil on July 5 1982 and is honored as the Golden Boy of Italy.
Open one hundred year's Italy Serie A historical gorgeous picture, so many dreams and struggles create its glory. JAC Motors has also experienced 50 years’ development and we will never stop the passion of loving for automotive career.
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