2014-03-20From Rome to Roma, S5 Discoveries the Legends of a Football Team
After visiting the Italy series a strong contingent- Lazio, "Go, Brazil Goal" shooting crew has arrived at Roma. After staying in Rome for many days, S5motorcade is familiar with its streets, and can drive with ease.
A.S. Roma was founded in 1927 and its logo is the same as Rome city emblem-A wolf is feeding two babies. Because Roma and Lazio commonly use Rome Olimpico as the home field, so the game between these teams in every Italy series A is called "Roma Derby", which is one of the most wonderful games in Italy football games.
A. S. Roma is with quite a long history, in the team's history exhibition, those black and white photos are telling us how many brilliant moments they have experienced, which makes me sign that a respectable team must have deep history accumulation, and at the same time, we could not help signing that this year is JAC 50-years anniversary, half a century automobile-making history has contributed to JAC World Cup guarantee task.
Visiting Roma is the last station of our Rome station. And next we will move to Florence, in the renaissance resource, what story will happen between S5 and this art city? Let's expect!
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