2014-03-19JAC S5 motorcade arrives in Germany, enjoying the beauty of Rhine
Germany football team is one of the longest history and the most glorious football teams in Europe, who has won the World Cup champion for three times and entered the final for seven times. It also won champion in the European Nations Cup for three times and entered the final for six times. The well-known football star Franz Beckenbauer and the troika Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Michael Ballack, Miroslav Klose all come from here. With the ending of CCTV interview in Netherlands, JAC S5 motorcade will move forward to Germany, Munich with more than 800 kilometers distance.
At 11 o'clock AM, we arrived in the city of Cologne- The fourth biggest city in Germany and a fort in ancient Roman which origins from 38 B.C. It has famous Ruhr Oilfield, Rhine River and Cologne Cathedral. The motorcade drove slowly along the Rhine River, we can feel not only the beautiful scenery but also the thousands years' history and culture heritage with so many stories.
On way of moving toward Munich, we passed by the Rhein-Energie Stadion which belongs to Cologne Football Club. It is one of funding members of Germany Bundesliga as well as the fist champion in the history. This football team has won the champion in Germany Bundesliga for three times and four Germany champions which was the most successful football team in the early days of Germany Bundesliga.
At 3 o'clock PM, we moved to the next stage journey. From Cologne to south, we entered the mountainous area where the road was tortuous. The good off-road performance of S5 can be played to the fullest and the speed reached to more than 150 kilometers per hour. We finally arrived in Munich at dusk successfully.
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