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46 JAC Brazil Outlets Opened at the Same Time, JAC Plans to Export More than 300,000 Units in 2015 2011-3-23

Automobile exports now become a new burgeoning profit point of auto enterprises. Yesterday, the journalists got that on March 18th, 46 auto distribution outlets in Brazil invested by JAC Brazil distributor SHC Company were opened at the same time, which means that the JAC exports have come to a development phase of releasing its power. It is learnt that, during the’ Twelfth-Five Year’ plan, JAC exports will jump to the backbone of JAC new profits with the export volume of 300,000 units, covering 20% of the whole sales.

JAC Export Growth Rate is the Fastest in the Auto Industry

Since 2011, JAC export growth rate has become the fastest in the auto industry. The statistics of Chinese Automobile Association indicates that from January to February, 2011, Chinese exports reached 95,200 units, up by 48.17%. Among the first fifth auto manufacture enterprises; JAC exports were 8800 units, up by 2.98 times, becoming the first auto enterprise with double growing speed. It is predicted that in the first quarter of 2011, the exports will realize double growth rate compared with the previous year, and the sales revenue will be predicted to rise 170%.

It is learnt that Brazil has become an important rising point of JAC exports. ‘JAC products are welcomed in Brazil, by now the accumulative orders are more than 10,000 units. ’Introduced by JAC Vice-General Manager, JAC International General Manager Mr. She Cairong. In 2009, JAC signed the Exclusive Distribution Agreement with SHC Company-the most powerful distributor in Brazil, in which it says that JAC will export 620,000 vehicles to Brazil in the future 10 years.

Brazil is a gold car consumption which is only next to China. In 2010, Brazil has sold 3.3 million light vehicles in total, surpassing Germany to become the fourth biggest auto market in the world; Brazil average GDP is 7000-8000 dollars and it has entered the rapid development era of auto privatization. We believe that auto demands in Brazil will keep the high growing rise. A high level from JAC mentioned.

Brazil is only a miniature of JAC successful exports. JAC export strategy has been comprehensively implemented in South America, Southeast Asia, East Europe and Africa. According to the internal plan, the export sales and the proportion of the whole sales will be greatly raised. In 2011, JAC plans to export more than 50,000 units up by 131% compared with the previous year.

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