Passenger Car
Commercial Vehicle
- Gasoline Engine
Special vehicle
Using embedded chromeplate thin wall cast iron cylinder liner body design.
Using gear drive to make transmission more smooth and reliable.
Performance and Emissions
Using Bosch high pressure common rail fuel system
Further optimization of engine performance.
Precise control, more excellent emission performance: satisfy National Ⅲ emission and lay foundation for National Ⅳ.
With air compressor, and create a 493-type diesel engine to provide "air brake" first time.


Engine type HFC4DA1-2B1
Type 4 Cylinders in-line 、8valves、Water cooling 、Turbo-charger with inter-cooling、Common Rail、Air-compressor
Rate power 80kW
Rate speed 3600rpm
Max. torque 240Nm
Max. torque speed 2000-2200rpm
Total displacement 2.771 L
Bore 93 mm
Stroke 102mm
Number of cylinders 4
compression ratio 17.5
Fuel diesel oil
Minimum BSFC at Full Load 208 g/kW.h
Emission target CN III
Net Weight 285kg
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