On July 21st 2014, the third station – Gansu Zhangye station of CRC has dropped the curtain. Three day’s competition was very fierce and many racing cars occurred the accidents for the hot weather and high difficult racing track. J4 successfully finished the race with excellent result- three successive championships! Let’s review the challenging champion road.

Compared with the last two races, Zhangye station’s racing track is more rugged and curves. Sharp turning, crossing the bridge and passing through arch of bridge attracted the audience’s screaming. The lumpy road has fully tested the stability of J4 and operation ability of three drivers.

2014 China Rally Championship (CRC) has finished three races and the weather and road conditions were quite different from narrow round hill road to lumpy gravel road, full of difficulties and challenges.

From the first station Jinsha to second station Huairou then to third station Zhangye, JAC J4 motorcade achieved three
successive championships by virtue of racing cars’ stable performance and racing drivers’ outstanding skill!

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