On 27th July 2014, 2014 China Rally Championship Beijing-Huairou Station, JAC J4 motorcade won the two
champions- racing driver and racing motorcade. It is worth mentioning that it’s the first time for J4 motorcade to attend CRC and achieve such a wonderful result.

Jinsha’s gravel, Huairou’s tar all witnessed the power and popularity of JAC J4. Although it’s the debut of J4 in rally, JAC has
made well preparation for this race. After all it’s not an easy thing to win two champions in Jinsha and Huairou stations.
Through those harsh tests, J4 with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine has displayed its unlimited potential. The racing driver of champion Jiang Zhiyang said: ‘we heard that there will have new racing track in Zhangye station which is quite different from Jinsha. Zhangye’s track is fine sand that is a new challenge for us. And the longer racing stage will test racing car’s durability
and reliability more and I believe that our J4 will show its excellent performance in Zhangye station.’

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