From May 17th-19th 2014, China Rally Championship (CRC) started its summer journey in Jinsha County, Guizhou, whose all new sandstone tracks will bring more challenges to the racing drivers.

There are six matches in CRC this year including Jinsha County, Guizhou, Huairou County, Beijing, Zhangye County, Gansu, Rucheng County, Hunan, Longyou County,Zhejiang, Wuyi County, Zhejiang. CRC once set up the substation in Kaiyang County and Liupanshui County, Guizhou,and it is the first time for Jinsha County to become the substation.

10 tracks are set up with 536.86 kilometers total mileage, among which 159.76 kilometers are special tracks. All the matches are held on the sandstone roads, and the super short tracks are double tracks. 40 motorcades including 116 racing cars and 232 racing drivers take part in this competition.

As the new army of CRC, JAC sent J4 motorcade to participate into the competition of S2 group, and the requirement for the participated vehicles is their annual production must be above 2500 units, besides, except for the reduction of the decoration and the comfort, the core structure and function of the engines, gearbox, chassis and brake systems are required to remain the same, so the competition of the S2 group can be called the true reflection of the strength of the automobile enterprise mass vehicles.

Apart from the strict rule, the competition of S2 is extremely fierce with VOLKSWAGEN,POLO, Ford Fiesta, Citroen C2, Pigeon 206 and so on as J4’s counterparts. Facing the difficult challenges, J4 motorcade kept calm and through
the close cooperation between the racing drivers and the racing cars, J4 finally drove on the champion
road-successfully winning the champions of three items among S2 group, as well as the third position of two items
of national two-wheel drive group, the result of which was
the best for the new motorcade participating for the completion for the first time.

Jinsha station track with more than 140 kilometers long can be called the most adverse competition event of CRC. Except for
its narrowest track, the highest altitude will reach nearly 2000 meters with large drops and many corners, as well as many
crushed stones, all of which have set up obstacles for the participated vehicles and even caused some of them to give up.
Finally, only 47 out of 115 vehicles could complete the competition, which was 40% completion rate. Under the bad
competition condition, all the three participated vehicles of J4 motorcade have successfully completed their competition.

As the first sedan based on JAC passenger vehicles second platform, J4 represents the highest level of China sedans in the exterior design, complete craft, operation performance and the whole vehicles quality. Equipped with Chinese top ten 1.5 VVT engines, as well as precisely matched transmission and light weight body design, J4 has excellent climbing performance and accelerating ability, and meanwhile, the vehicle has outstanding stability and operation with Mcpherson front suspension system, eccentric type front shock absorber spring and lateral stabilizers, moreover, security performance is also one of J4’s shinning point, in the latest C-NCAP collision test, J4 has won the five star assessment result with 54.5 points.

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