China Grand Rally (CGR)—‘Chinese Dakar’ is hosted by State General Administration of Sports, FASC and CCTV 5. It obtains Federation International du Sport Automobile (FIA) A –class Race authentication, and it’s also the global first FIA registered and the highest level international long distance cross-country rally as well as one of the most difficult rallies in the world.
In the morning of September 15th 2013, the first race of China Grand Rally (CGR) started in sounding sand bay Park, Inner Mongolia. 82 units racing cars took part in the qualifying session. JAC S5 finished the race smoothly although 20 minutes delay for adaptation and friction.
On Sep. 15th, a grand departure ceremony of First China Grand Rally (CGR) was held in National Stadium in Beijing. This
race attracted 30 Chinese auto clubs which can be called 'Chinese Dakar'. JAC S5 made its first public performance in this
race and it will conquer the most rigorous roads such as desert and Gobi, challenging the ultimate limit of dynamic.
CGR is an international-level motorcycle race with long-stage, great-difficulty, large-scale and the independent intellectual
property rights, which is the highest levels of international long-distance cross-country rally registered by FIA firstly, and also
one of the most difficult rallies in the world, known as "Chinese Dakar'. The whole racing is 6500 kilometers including 2500 kilometers special competition stage, and it's expected to arrive at the terminal Dun Huang in Gan Su Province on 29th
September. The racers will challenge desert, gobi, wasteland, river course, valley and other changeable topography by their physical ability and wisdom.
32 racing cars passed through the departure station on the ceremony site one after another. As one of the most famous
off-road vehicle teams, Giti team made its debuting "Chinese Dakar" with JAC S5 and the professional dresses. This is the
first public performance for S5 to attend this kind of races and
it is also the first time for JAC to enter the ranks of
professional car races

As the champion of 2012 China Cross-Country Rally (CCR),
Giti team was well prepared. On the drivers' side, Giti team owned a star camp composed of some important people
active in the all kinds of races such as Li Guojing and Lu Binglong; on the vehicle's side, Giti team carefully selected
JAC S5 as their "war chariot". The general manager of Giti
team said, the overall performance of S5 completely
measured up to the professional racing standard after being professionally modified, it can deal with various complicated roads. With S5 joining in, we are more full of expectations to
the race.

Except S5 as the main chariot racing, JAC also sent another 2
units of S5 as media vehicles and1 JAC heavy-duty truck and
1 JAC pickup as logistical support vehicles, forming a
large-scale JAC group, which is unique in CGR this year.

The race began in Shawan, but S5's performance is not eye-catching because of the route and machinery problems at first.
But in the second stage, S5 overcame all the difficulties; at last ranked No.12 with the score of 51 minutes and 13 seconds,
and the position has improved 44 places compared to the results of the first stage, creating a big miracle in CGR history! In
the third stage of the competition, S5 did not slow down the pace of campaign and successfully conquered the gravel roads,
shallow sandy areas and desert roads, and ranked No.9 from No.12, with the overall stage ranked No. 12 after the three

Sep. 19th is a traditional Chinese festival---Mid-Autumn Festival. 1.5km short tracks race in CGR were live on CCTV5 in that day. S5 belonging to Giti team became the most popular star in this stage. Finally, with the absolute advantage of 1 minute 13 seconds, S5 gained the first place in the stage, exceeding the second place for eight seconds and becoming absolute "dark horse" in this rally. Whether from the drivers' strength or the racing input, this result are much better than expected both for JAC and for the drivers.
  JAC S5 will display its strengths in the race.
  China Grand Rally (CGR) moved from Hohhot to Tara, launching the race officially.
  Thanks to the help of God, yesterday night’s rain objectively reduced the racing track degree of difficulty. However, only
the racing car drivers knew the real situation of the racing track.
  All the way is full of bumps and hollows. S5’s reliable operation has been proved again.
  JAC S5 100% Quality
To JAC, it’s first time to participate in the sports event. The director of JAC Marketing Mr. Cui expressed that auto brand and sports has a close association and lots of auto
companies build their brand images through the cooperation with sports events.
  A short rest give each motorcycle an opportunity to adjust,
but another devil stage is waiting for them.
  Through all people’s effects, No.117 racing car appears in the starting point again.
  BadainJaran Desert uses its special ‘beauty’ to torture each racing driver.
  Logistics support vehicles are driving in the valley and hurrying to the next camp.
  On September 15th 2014, the rally racing started from Beijing Bird’s Nest National Stadium. All the way to west, it passed through Inner Mongolia and finally arrived in the destination- Gansu Dunhuang with 15 days and 6500 kilometers total distance.
  The second phase – Ancient Shuofang Road (SS2) from Saiyinwusu to Bayinwusu

The race has just begun, and all racing cars are facing the harsh test.

  The Swan Lake phase—a beautiful name. However, it’s not so beautiful for racing drivers because of 115km all deserts road.
  This phase is the Gobi desert. It’s supposed to be a hard challenge for racing drivers. Gravel road and dust are very common in the Gobi, so the car crashing is very easy to happen here.
  All the racing cars get a rest opportunity in the day off.
  In the special racing track with nearly 300km, all kinds of challenges are waiting for each racing driver.
  Looking from a distance, the huge sand dune looks like a mountain. But when you close up, the mountain disappears. You could only see a sandy slope like a wall in front of you. What you could do is to climb over it or dig it flat.
  The design of racing track not only gives full play to the advantages of the natural environment but also makes you
love and hate it.
  With the end of today, No.117 racing car has withstood the harsh test and completed the race successfully.
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