JAC has achieved an annual production capacity of more than 700,000 units completed vehicle and 500,000 units engine and ranked as the top 10 in Chinese auto industry.
JAC the newest generation SUV-S4 has launched in Chinese market grandly.
Anhui Jianghuai Automobile and Volkswagen Group sign joint venture agreement to produce new energy vehicles
Leading compacted SUV upgrading new trend, JAC S7 launches into market officially.
On May 12th, JAC second generation pick-up Frison was released into Chile market and its sales during the first month has made a breakthrough of 80 units, becoming the No.1 Chinese pick-up brand in Chile.
2016 Beijing Auto Show, JAC released Chinese first pure-electric SUV- JAC IEV6S, which is called 'the most beautiful electric vehicle' in China.
JAC new compacted
SUV- S2officially launched into Chinese market. Beautiful sculpt, intelligent equipment and excellent performance make you drive so easy.
2015 Shanghai Auto Show, JAC IEV5 launched into Chinese market which displayed the innovation and breakthrough of JAC in new energy field.
JAC first compacted SUV S3 was officially launched into the market through internet,Until the end of 2014,the sales volume of S3 has broken through50,000 units and won a number of awards such as
JAC Motors(HongKong) Limited
Companysingned the 5329 units' heavy-duty trucks procurement contract with Venezuela Ministry of Transportation and Corpovex S.A.,and the total amount of this contract is $270Million,which is the largest export order of Chinese heavy duty truck recenty years.
The first sedan of JAC new second generation passenger car launched on the market in Qingdao, China
the S5, the first urban SUV based on JAC's new second generation series platform, was launched on the market, achieving comprehensive breakthroughs in R&D, manufacturing and other aspects
JAC released the customer-oriented "Refine+Heyue"
dual- brand passenger cars, opening a new era of
brand management.
"Enterprise for Exemption from Export Inspection"
the exempted products were expanded from commercial vehicles to the five major products including commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles.
the M5, JAC's the second generation of the M1, was officially launched on the market
filling the blank of high-end MPVs for Chinese independent auto brands.
On December 17
JAC's 2,000,000th vehicle came off the production line and the Twelfth Five-Year Strategy Release Ceremony was held
which marked the perfect conclusion of the Eleventh Five-Year
successful layout of the JAC Twelfth Five-Year strategy.
2,000,000th vehicle
Twelfth Five-Year strategy
JAC was awarded
National Quality Award the highest quality award in China
It is also the first and the only independent brand automobile manufacturer in China to win the award
In November

JAC light-duty trucks were awarded the certification of
Chinese Exemption from
Export Inspection.

It is also the first automobile enterprise to receive the
certification in the light-duty truck industry in China
JAC's A-class sedan, the J3 Turin, was named
"the most charming upscale compact car
"by the authoritative global automotive evaluation agency J.D Power, and is the only independent car brand to have won the award.
In November
The J3 Turin A-class car was launched worldwide synchronously and received great attention both at home and abroad
The first JAC sedan J7 rolled off the production line
JAC began to enter the passenger car market, becoming the only comprehensive automaker with a fully independent brand of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles

The S1(SUV), the first Chinese completely independent off-road car, rolled off the production line

the heavy-duty truck rolled off the production line, which completed JAC's full range of heavy, medium and light commercial vehicles.

the M1( MPV )rolled off the production line, laying a solid foundation for JAC to enter the passenger car market.
2001August 24
JAC was listed on the Shanghai Stock
Exchange with the code 600418.
On April 18
The first HFC1061 light truck, which was seen as highly fashionable and of high quality, rolled off the production line, and 500,000 units have been sold so far
1990In June
the first Chinese bus chassis successfully rolled off line at JAC. In 2005, the 6700KY bus chassis was recognized as one of "the top 50 most influential products of the Chinese automobile industry in the past five decades".
first 2.5 ton truck
was developed in Anhui province, filling the gap in Anhui's automotive industry.